What is the Expanded Version of the MBA Inventory?

The Expanded Version of the MBA Inventory includes a number of new items which provide a deeper look at your results:

  • Comparing your results with the general workforce population (text and graphic charts), regarding each of your languages of appreciation (primary, secondary and lesser valued ones).

  • Identifying the single most important act of appreciation to you

  • The role (and challenges) of Appropriate Physical Touch to communicate appreciation

  • Allowing you to identify the ways you don’t want to receive appreciation, in each of the 5 languages

  • Additional resources to explore how best to implement the 5 Languages of Appreciation in your workplace.

MBA Inventory Sample



The new expanded version comes loaded with action items relevant for your unique settings!

Government Version

The government version is constructed specifically for those who work in government settings, whether Federal, state, county, municipal or other government-related offices.

Remote / Long Distance Version*

The remote / long distance version is designed for those relationships where colleagues and supervisors work in locations separated by distance (this could be in different parts of the city or across the country or world.)

Medical Version*

The medical version of the MBA Inventory is designed specifically for those who work in medical settings including medical practices, hospitals, outpatient clinics and specialty treatment centers.

Ministry / Nonprofit Version*

The ministry/not-for-profits version of the MBA Inventory is designed for those relationships where individuals work (either as staff or volunteers) in ministry, church and non-profit settings.

Military Version*

The military version of the MBA Inventory has been created to be utilized by any branch of the military (including active duty, reserves, and National Guard).

School Version*

The school version of the MBA Inventory is designed for administrators, faculty and staff who work in school settings (public or private) ranging from preschool to high school.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Upgrade?

To upgrade your coupon to the new Expanded Version use our upgrade feature.

What is the cost?

  • $25 per code OR
  • $10 + an unused MBA Inventory code from your 5 Languages of Appreciation book
  • Quantity discounts available