The Medical Version of the Expanded MBA Inventory

Intended for medical professionals in practices, hospitals, clinics, and specialty treatment centers, the Medical MBA Inventory was designed to help those who work within a healthcare environment.

Medical Workplace

Are You Giving So Much That It’s Hard to Find Balance?

Healthcare professionals are some of the busiest people on the planet and often feel overworked and undervalued. However, with so much on their plates already, it can be hard to find the time to invest in themselves.

The Medical MBA Inventory was designed specifically for those working within a healthcare environment. With interactive text and graphics, this self-assessment tool will help you learn about yourself and your communication style. By understanding your primary, secondary, and lesser valued appreciation languages; identifying your most valuable act of appreciation; discovering what ways are preferable for you when receiving appreciation; and exploring additional resources tailored specifically for medical professionals, you’ll be able to become a leader in healthcare communication.

Become a Leader in Healthcare Communication

Maximize your potential with the expanded version of the MBA Inventory! Use interactive text and graphics to get to know yourself better by examining each language of appreciation (primary, secondary, and lesser valued ones), identifying your single most influential act of gratitude, discovering what ways are preferable for you when receiving appreciation, learning about appropriate physical touch in communication and exploring additional resources tailored specifically for medical professionals. Invest in yourself today—and reap the rewards!

Increase Communication Effectiveness in Healthcare Settings

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Take Your Medical Practice to the Next Level

The Expanded MBA Inventory for Medical Professionals can be the key to unlocking success in any healthcare environment. With interactive text, chart graphics, and exclusive resources tailored specifically for healthcare professionals—you’ll have access to the tools you need to better understand your team’s unique needs. Invest in yourself and those around you today!