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Frequently Asked Questions About The MBA Inventory

Help to common questions about using the MBA Inventory.

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MBA Inventory is a powerful asset for any business leader, but it can take time to orient yourself with the ins and outs of ordering and to complete the assessment. You don’t have to venture through this process alone, though – our frequently asked questions address some of the most common queries raised, offering valuable guidance that helps you make an informed purchase decision while understanding how to get the most out of your results.

We know many questions arise when working with the MBA Inventory, and we’re here to help answer them so you can move forward confidently.

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Please email Moody Publishers at, and they will be happy to provide you with a code. You can also call them directly at 1-800-678-6928. 

You cannot “register” more than once. If you have already registered and started taking the test, you must “log in” using your email address and the password you created. This is also the process to be used if you want to return and reprint your completed report.

You wil l need to complete the Inventory on a device with a compatible Adobe version for the results to be generated. If you have completed the Inventory on a phone or tablet, we recommend logging back in as a Returning Customer on a PC or device with Adobe and pr inting your results from there.

Yes, the MBA Inventory is available online in Spanish, French, Chinese, Thai, Portuguese, Hungarian, and Danish. Go to the International page for more information.