To facilitate the application of your MBA Inventory results, we have created FREE resources for you and your colleagues to use.

A Path to a Culture of Appreciation

Any significant journey takes some planning, forethought, resources and a general sense of the path to get to your desired destination. The same is true for becoming a culture of appreciation. View this infographic (and the associated video by Dr. White) to gain a sense of the direction to take and the resources needed to apply the 5 Languages of Appreciation to your workplace. And share it with others!

A Path to a Culture of Appreciation

Group Profile

To help you and your team members to better understand how to encourage and show appreciation to one another, we have developed a PowerPoint template to create a group profile of your team members’ primary, secondary, and least valued appreciation languages.
Click here to download the powerpoint template »

The 5 Languages of Appreciation Symbols for the Workplace

We have created graphic symbols of each appreciation language. Some organizations use them on their badges; some use them on their desk, computer, nameplate or cubicle. We have provided the symbols in different sizes for you to print, laminate and use as you wish! Click here to view the icon sheets »

Cubicle Poster

Use our template to customize a poster for each team member to provide their primary and secondary languages of appreciation, as well as the actions that most convey appreciation to them.  Then post them so others have a visual reminder every time they walk by. Click here to download the template.

Action Items List

Keep a comprehensive list of each team member’s action items that uniquely speak appreciation to them as a reference when you want to show appreciation that “hits the mark.” Click here to download the template.


Sample Report

Download a sample report


To give us ideas for additional resources that would be helpful, or to share resources you have developed for your team, please contact us ».

Articles to Share

In response to individuals wanting materials about the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace to give to their supervisor or employer, we have developed a number of handouts which can be printed and given away. Click here to view the materials »