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Get the Tools You Need for a Successful Relationship in the Workplace

Although both Dr. Chapman and Dr. White are potentially available for speaking engagements on the languages of appreciation, Dr. Chapman’s primary focus is on marriages, families, and the 5 Love Languages. Dr. White’s expertise is in work-based relationships and the languages of appreciation. He can speak at conferences, annual association meetings, or other large organizations.

Dr. White is an Expert in Work-Based Relationships

Dr. Paul White is an expert in work-based relationships and the languages of appreciation. He has addressed various groups, from annual meetings for large companies like HP to small seminars like those hosted by Adventists Care Centers. His presentations have provided long-lasting solutions that improve staff morale through authentic appreciation, reduce resistance to change, and avoid becoming a toxic workplace.

Attendees of his speaking engagements come away energized with tactics they can apply to their workplace challenges while providing unique insights on using the 5 Languages of Appreciation in entirely new ways.

Thus, if you are looking for an engaging speaker who will leave your staff inspired and equipped with knowledge on how to take authentic appreciation into the workplace, look no further than Dr. Paul White!

What you and your organization will learn:
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Popular speaking topics include:

Dr. Paul White has spoken to these groups and more:

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