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Redeem Code

You may use the FREE code (not yet used) provided in your 5 Languages of Appreciation Workplace book to take the assessment. The inventory takes 15-20 minutes to complete online and an individual report is generated immediately which identifies the respondent’s primary, secondary, and least valued language of appreciation.

Learn how to maximize your results below…

Maximize Your Results

Upgrade your code to take a specific work setting version of the MBA Inventory.  The code from the book applies to most general work settings, but we have created customized versions for a variety of workplaces to make the results more applicable and practical to settings with unique challenges.

*Requires valid un-used book code

Why Upgrade?

You want the results and suggested actions of appreciation to be relevant to you and your colleagues.  By upgrading to a specific work setting version, you will:

  • Use a version designed with the specific characteristics of your work setting in mind;
  • Avoid negative reactions by employees to actions not applicable to your workplace;
  • Build credibility by having practical items which take into account the limitations of the characteristics and rules of your workplace.
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Upgrade Options

Government Icon
Government Version

The government version is constructed specifically for those who work in government settings, whether Federal, state, county, municipal or other government-related offices.

Remote/Long Distance Icon
Remote / Long Distance Version*

The long distance version is designed for those relationships where colleagues and supervisors work in locations separated by distance (this could be in different parts of the city or across the country or world.)

Medical Icon
Medical Version*

The medical version of the MBA Inventory is explicitly designed for those who work in medical settings, including medical practices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and specialty treatment centers.

Ministry / Non-Profit Icon
Ministry / Non-Profit Version*

The ministry/not-for-profits version of the MBA Inventory is designed for those relationships where individuals work (either as staff or volunteers) in ministry, church, and non-profit settings.

Military Icon
Military Version*

The military version of the MBA Inventory has been created to be utilized by any branch of the military (including active duty, reserves, and National Guard).

School Icon
School Version*

The school version of the MBA Inventory is designed for administrators, faculty, and staff who work in education settings (public or private) ranging from preschool to high school.

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Other Resources to Make Appreciation a Part of Your Workplace

At Appreciation at WorkTM, our goal is to provide practical resources to “make work relationships work”.

We know you are busy so we make easy-to-use, turn-key resources (for different levels of organizations) designed to be impactful and improve workplace interactions, including:

  • Appreciation at Work online “train the trainer” course
  • Appreciation at Work Certified Facilitators available to train your staff
  • Dr. Paul White gives keynote addresses and leadership training

Books for the Workplace: